Extended Family is a DJ mix series based in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia metropolitan area) and features collages not only from collectors of all backgrounds and styles – including DJs, record shop owners, label heads, emcees, musicians, music critics, producers, promoters, and artists.

extended family is a collection of dj mixes from selectors based in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). The mixes are free to download and tracklists are always provided.

The sounds have covered house and techno but also psychedelic rock, jazz, go-go, and drum and bass. Contributors have created the mixes on CDJs, turntables, on DAWs like Ableton Live, straight out of drum machines, and over live performances.

The Washington DC area has no lack for authentic points of view, there is no comparison to this localized sound.

The mixes are between 30min and 1hour long. Downloads are always free. Discover more about the artist through the accompanying editorial about each artist, released simultaneously via newsletter or blog post. 

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