EF40 Juana

Juana Llorens submits Extended Family 40: Bam Stoker’s Jackula.

Juana Llorens grew up in a family of musicians and singers that guided her through influences of smooth jazz, jheri curl funk, los discos, and prog rock, and has been applying her knowledge through promoting parties and DJing them since 2002, and it shows. Over two decades of her dedication have lined the way to her current existence as a true force of nature.

Watching her DJ is like watching a blacksmith at an anvil; she uses a hammer of iron and blows ember into fire that welds a techno appreciative floor together in a throbbing heat, and draws in crowds that swarm like moths to flames. Her confident and psychedelic style has captivated audiences as they try to figure out how the hell she’s doing what she’s doing, as they wave in a frenetic but joyful helplessness across dance floors from Bogota to Berlin.

EF40 Bam Stoker’s Jackula by Juana

Dietrich Schoenemann – Age(less)
Walter T – Constellation (Original Mix)
Sean Deason – Sience Funktion (Original Mix)
Aux 88 – Astral Projections featuring Ice Truck (Detroit Mix)
AWB – Kinetic Lullaby (Pris Remix)
Kaczmarek – IIIIIIIII (VSK Remix)
Soramimi – Collapsed Gods
Solid Gold Playaz – Next Faze Of The Game – Original Mix
Mute – Driver’s License (Original Mix)
Furtive – Periodical Anomaly
Regis – Blood Witness
Gene Hunt – Inspire (Balmoral St. mix)
Gant Garrard – Midnight Freakin – Original Mix
Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe Remix)

The Driving Techno of Juana Llorens

Her SoundCloud showcases a spectacular collection of DJ collages but also original productions that reflect a cosmic sense of rhythm and flow. Her sounds are somehow brutal and beautiful at once, a concrete poured building with a sanded smooth contour. It’s a sound that attracted the support of Discwoman on top of the adoring local fans in the District of Columbia. She’s been throwing parties here that delight the techno enthusiasts of the DMV. Whether through her contributions to Sequence, or the Honcho festival, or her latest project, Noxeema Jackson, her events have a reputation for perception altering rhythmic magic that borders between an industrial surrealism and a fantastical realism that can bewilder all senses. DC is really lucky to have her here.

Despite her world class work ethic and consequential talent, she approaches all with kindness, patience, acceptance, and warmth. She doesn’t ever seem to let her ego get in the way of her love, whether thats for the music or for the crowd. This humility only adds to her allure as the captivating selector that she is. The sets are esoteric but gripping. Lovely but raw. A roaring tenderness.

Juana lists Frankie Knuckles, Carlos Souffront, Ron Jackson, Sadar Bahar, Lil Louis, Mike Dunn, Joey Beltram, I HATE MODELS, Petter B, and HYSH? as some of her influences.

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