EF47 Jackson Ryland

Jackson Ryland approaches his projects with a deliberate vision made apparent by not only his individual productions but also by his labels Rush Plus and Metro Xpress. His mix for Extended Family showcases his signature sound: driving, powerful, and captivating techno.

Jackson Ryland has become a stalwart symbol of raw techno, a no bullshit attitude, and a commitment to craft within Washington DC and beyond. After strong releases on Future Times, Peach Discs, STEP, 1432 R, Valence, Atlantic Rhythms, as well as his own imprints, Rush Plus and Metro Xpress, its clear that Ryland is one of the most prolific and visionary producers from the area.

Although hailing from the quiet suburbs of northern Virginia, Ryland’s sounds are energetic and throbbing, dance floor ready, as the confident sounds of techno, house, drum and bass, and IDM grace his powerful discography. His DJ sets are hard hitting yet smooth and guaranteed to bring a dance floor in closer and closer to the front speakers.

EF57 Fire Entrees by Jackson Ryland

Alex Falk – Fuchsia
Joey Beltram – Arena
Oliver Ho – Natural Selection
Delroy Edwards – Untitled
Joel Mull – Persuaded
Bookworms – You Say So
MoMA Ready – Let It Go
2makes1 – Let The Good Shine
Bambounou – Feel Like This
Jackson Ryland – Sun Anthem
Max Duley – Electric Olive (JR edit)
Peace Division – It’s Magic
Random XS – Zuur
Beroshima – Electronic Discussion (Claude Young remix)
Paul Johnson – Submerged
Pillow Queen – Burns Me Up
UVB – Lying in Your Face
Mr G – It Dub
FLR – Easy Filter Part X (DJ Zank remix)
Jackson Ryland – demo

On his self-released album, Downtown After Dark, he takes the same confident and swagger heavy sound across racing tempos and textured moods. This release boasts comfort on dance floors and late night walks both, with a deliberate jangling percussion over a decaying synth line.

This collaboration with Max D of Future Times, another member of Extended Family who is also based from Washington DC, brings the strengths of both producers together in a fun and bouncy LP thats laced with the joy of funk influenced bass lines and awe inspiring mixing. This LP shoots from the hip, there’s nothing ambiguous about any of it. Bringing to mind the joy of life and the rewards of good instinct, this LP is an immediate classic.

Cover Art for the Stealth Mode EP by Jackson Ryland

Jackson Ryland debuts on 1432 R with some sublime house & techno.

He’s no stranger to intense speeds. His EP on local label 1432 R uses scorched drum sounds to create an incendiary percussion, weaving textured, grainy synths as added layers. Focused, honest, and fresh, Stealth Mode is a record with barreling rhythms and soul stirring harmonies. A mix of menace and melancholy, shadows and strobes.

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