EF47 Soso Tharpa

Soso Tharpa’s bass heavy sound translates to Extended Family 47: Elastic.

In a city as small as DC, you can really get to know a DJs sound in about as intimately as a fan can get. Michael Aniekwe’s sound is the type you can recognize from outside the venue. As you walk into the function, your assumptions will be confirmed, more likely than not, and the webs of wandering have pulled you back into the same place. That space falls from uptown Georgia Avenue – where the sounds of Soso Tharpa would be born in the blizzard of ’96. Being raised by immigrants means that the musical influences in the house combine tonal and rhythmic structures unfound over westernized airwaves, and the reality for this descendent of Nigeria no different.

EF47 Elastic by Soso Tharpa

Ruxpin – Routine Retirement of a Replicant
Foodman – Percussion
Syclops – Spin Cycle
Bep Koroti – Pororonga
Toma Kami – Dali Bear
Linkwood – Nae Drama
Scratcha DVA – Step 2 Funky
Leikeli47 – Girl Blunt (Garneau Bootleg)
Leonce – Penetration Testing
TC80 – Virtual Cascades
Cop Envy – Leisure
Laksa – It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before
soso tharpa – The Easy Wy Out
Batu & Lurka – Curved
Maxmillion Dunbar – Cassette Arabic
Kowton – Doing Nothing
Ovid – Pressure Plate
Akito – Sneak Diss edit
soso tharpa – drive slow thru (Georgia Avenue)
Flørist – Horn

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