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DJ Land Reform bookends 2022 with a dance ready techno mix for Extended Family.

The promoters in DC are notoriously supportive of each other, and Clyde is no exception. His energy is welcoming, easy to talk to, and passionate about craft and community.

His sets are delivered with clear intentions. The sounds are warm and inviting, a little psychedelic, and really colorful, with lots of melodies and classic samples that are dedicated to putting smiles on people’s faces, in like the purest way.

Since moving into the city in 2017, Clyde’s collection has only begun to take shape (He credits Peter Kaufman and Mike Harvey for guidance and mentorship), so DC has a lot to look forward to.

Northern Virginia pushes producers and DJs into DC all the time, and this Arlington native has called the DMV home since he was three. Spring boarding from his dad’s experience in college radio, Clyde trained as a percussionist early on with a diet of Bestie Boys, Frank Zappa, A Tribe Called Quest, and Parliament/Funkadelic. It’s fitting that Clyde’s entry into electronic music was shaped through an obsession with Animal Collective, a psychedelic electronic band based in the DMV area.

Clyde AKA DJ Land Reform Press Photo

In 2019, Clyde would team up with GABBERBITCH69 for the inception of 140+ at Studio Ga Ga, a space that no longer exists. 140+ has worked with another party, FWB (Friends With Benefits), to create a hardcore and joy filled, laser and fog adorned haven for listeners The parties are fucking fun. Skyler (Get Face) joined the project to create a dream team of eager and hard working talent that strive to out do themselves with every event.

The Y2k Techno Bliss is an all vinyl 80~min mix packed with driving fervors of both classic and contemporary drums, bass lines, and samples.

Stay on the lookout for a jungle mix from DJ Land Reform coming soon, and visit the monthly 140+ x FWB parties at 618 H Street NW.

Follow Clyde on Twitter, Instagram, SouncloudDiscogs, and Youtube.

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